Rode wijn Créer en Grenache Limited Edition 2017
Rode wijn Créer Limited Edition 2017
Rode wijn Grenache Limited Edition 2017
Mischa Estate

Tasting box Limited Editions

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Looking for powerful, exclusive red wines? This tasting box contains three bottles of Estate Limited Edition Grenache 2017 and three bottles of Estate Limited Edition Créer 2017. 

Aromatically ripe berries add a delicious flavor to the Estate Limited Edition Grenache 2017. The wine is aged in selected barrels of French, Hungarian and American oak. A delicious wine to drink as it is but combines great with spiced and / or stewed meat, chorizo or lamb dishes. 

The Estate Limited Edition Créer 2017 is a great balanced mix of 40% Mouverdre and 60% Grenache. This wine offers a wonderful taste of soft fruits such as blueberries, blackberries and plums with a hint of pepper. This wine is an experience in itself, but also comes into its own in combination with roasted meat, old cheese, fish, chicken and vegetable dishes.

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