MCC Brut Reserve Limited Edition 2016
Mischa Estate

MCC Brut Reserve Limited Edition 2016

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Mischa’s first MCC has a rich golden colour crowned by a fine delicate mouse. Thousands of beautiful, small bubbles invites the drinker to savour every moment of this classic French style bubbly.

At first the nose is caressed by fresh aromas of green apple and pear. These fruit aromas then develop into a complex and mesmerizing combination of honey cake and yeasty biscuits. Putting the nose to a glass of this MCC, spells pure class and luxury.

On the palate this wine is vibrant and refreshing. A crisp acidity means that this wine is at its best when properly chilled. Flavours of peach and pear are accompanied by a zesty mousse tickling the palate. Finally, a longlasting biscuity taste leaves the drinker wanting more of this beautifully matured classic style MCC.

This MCC goes best with any celebration. An assortment of soft cheeses and platters of cold cuts accompanies this wine and the celebration it inspires.

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