5% korting bij aankoop van zes of meer flessen
5% korting bij aankoop van zes of meer flessen
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Fyn Wyn liefhebbers

About Fyn Wyn

Welcome to the website of Fyn Wyn, South African for Excellent Wine. Founded by three passionate wine lovers.

We proudly sell top quality wines, developed by Mischa Estate without making any concessions on quality. The wines of Mischa Estate are produced in small quantities, everything done by hand. The result: wines of the best quality South-Africa has to offer. We would like to share this wine with you, to show you why we love this fyn wyn.

About Mischa Estate
Mischa Wine Estate is located in Wellington, Western Cape, South Africa. In the 1950s, the estate was acquired by John Barns Sr. The magnificent view on Table Mountain and the vicinity of the coastline made Barns and his wife decide to settle here.
Since the estate is taken over by John Barns Jr., Mischa Estate is one of the largest and most respectable grapevine producers in South Africa. Some of the best grapes are grown by Mischa Estate to produce the renowned Mischa Estate wines. The unique location of the estate, which means that the vines are subject to a pleasant sea breeze, creates unique and distinctive wines.
Over the years, Mischa Wine Estate has grown into a boutique winery where top quality wines are produced. For more information about Mischa Estate, visit: www.mischaestate.com

The wines
Only small quantities are produced of the special wines of Mischa Estate. As a result, our offer varies regularly and most wines have limited availability.

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