Estate Merlot 2019
Mischa Estate

Estate Merlot 2019

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Medium intensity scarlet coloured with a rim touching on brick. Just by looking at a swirling glass of this wine, any drinker will be attracted to investigate the pure and mesmerizing flavours that roam inside the glass.

Immediately the nose is struck by primary aromas of red fruit such as raspberry, cherry and candy apple. Secondary flavours of cloves and flint linger as a subtle hint of rose petal finishes off this delicate bouquet when one brings this beautiful wine to the nose. A well balanced, medium bodied wine with flavours of wild berries and a fruity acidity.

The smooth, well rounded tannins accompany the red fruit through the mid palate and finally rounds off the slight taste of white pepper and oak into a long and satisfying finish.

This wine is ready for consumption now, but can be kept for a period of 5 to 10 years. This wine pairs very well with grilled beef dishes and can be paired with sweeter tastes like Turkish delight and milk chocolate.

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